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Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Tulip Mania in the Netherlands

As part of a “Tulip Time” river cruise, you’ll wander through rows of colorful tulips at a farm dedicated to these delightful bulbs in Hoorn. On select sailings, admire impressive works of art created out of vibrant petals at Amsterdam’s famous Keukenhof Gardens, which open each year for a limited number of weeks. And smell the fragrant blossoms at Floralia, an incredible annual flower show near Brussels offered on select departures.

Rivers: Scheldt and Maas (Dutch & Belgian Waterways)

Best time to sail: Late March through late April

Fragrant Lavender and Sunflowers in Provence

Follow your nose to the South of France in summer, where wispy fields of calming lavender near Grignan offer a stunning backdrop to your idyllic surroundings. On Burgundy and Provence river cruises you may also spot the golden sunflowers once painted by Vincent van Gogh. Plus, savor the beauty of the Beaujolais vineyards.

River: Rhône

Best time to sail: June – July

Austrian Symmetry at its Finest

Vienna's Schönbrunn Palace and its harmonious Great Parterre and Privy Gardens can be visited during many Danube itineraries.  From the 200-foot-high hill where the colonnaded Gloriette sits, you’ll have the perfect view. Choose a Salzburg excursion while your Danube River ship is in Linz and you can also wander through lovely Mirabell Gardens. If sailing in spring, you may have the good fortune of seeing Austria’s cherry blossom trees “pretty in pink” during their annual bloom.

River: Danube

Best time to sail: April – August for gardens; mid-March to mid-April for cherry blossoms

Germination in Germany

No matter how green your thumb is, you’ll enjoy exploring Ludwigshafen’s Schwetzingen Palace and Gardens in Germany, with more than 100 sculptures and an assortment of whimsical buildings. Plus, you may be able to glimpse some wildflowers while hiking through Germany’s Black Forest on included excursions during many of our Rhine River sailings.

River: Rhine

Best time to sail: March-May

Famous Gardens of Northern France

Allow your inspiration to guide you into northern France where you can admire the picturesque Normandy countryside. On a 7-night Impressions of the Seine & Paris river cruise, admire the variety of trees within Harcourt Arboretum, stroll through stunning scenery from Monet’s famously painted gardens in Giverny, or perhaps meander within the flourishing Gardens d’Acquigny.

River: Seine

Best time to sail: May-August

Local Markets for Vegetable Growers

If your green thumb is focused on your vegetable patch, join us on our included excursions to some of Europe’s most famous markets. The Les Halles de Lyon – Paul Bocuse Market, named after the late chef Paul Bocuse, is an indoor space we visit on our Colors of Provence and Essence of Burgundy & Provence itineraries encompassing 13,000 square meters of fruit, vegetable, spice, and flower vendors.

Along the Danube River, Budapest’s Great Market Hall contains three floors of fresh produce, paprika, and other items. Sample the fruits of farmers’ and gardeners’ labor and perhaps get some tips you can take back to your own garden!

Rivers: Rhône, Danube

Best time to sail: Year-Round

Message me today to get started on a garden-filled journey of your own!

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