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The Botanical Garden has over 19,000 plant species and subspecies. Blooming flower beds, greenhouses and a lovely café .

There is no doubt that Munich, Germany boasts natural beauty. Bordering the Bavarian Alps and nestled along the River Isar, the city features views of breathtaking landscapes. The posh city also shows off its man-made wonders with designer stores, Baroque churches, and shiny BMWs lining its streets. Walk amongst these highlights on an optional land package in Munich before joining a Danube itinerary departing from Vilshofen, Germany.

Munich’s World-Famous Glockenspiel

Attracting a crowd of onlookers every day, the Rathaus-Glockenspiel in Munich’s New City Hall tower is over 100 years old. Every day, the clock comes to life in a charming show that lasts about 15 minutes. Consisting of 43 bells and 32 life-sized figures, the wooden characters pose in their festivities as they cycle through the balcony. The glockenspiel depicts two scenes from Munich’s history: a wedding – complete with a jousting tournament, and a traditional Schäffler dance, celebrating the end of the Black Plague. If your tour happens to arrive at 11 am or 12 pm (as well as 5 pm from March to October), you will have the pleasure of witnessing this stunning, daily spectacle. If you miss it, you can experience the delightful show on your own time during your extended stay in Munich.

The Devil’s Footprint

While visiting the Cathedral of Our Dear Lady, referred to as “Frauenkirche,” take in the brilliant arcades and surrounding stained glass windows. The church’s two towers overlook the city and their twin blue-green domes are hard to miss as you gaze upon the Munich skyline. In fact, in 2004, a law was passed prohibiting the construction of any building that exceeded the height of the church, which reaches 98.57 meters high.

With its white columns and golden arches, the interior of the Gothic cathedral is quite bright; however, it is associated with a dark legend. As the story goes, the devil visited the church and ridiculed the “windowless” nave. (In baroque times, church windows were often obscured by the high altar.) The devil was so overjoyed that he danced around the church, resulting in him seeing the windows. He was so angered that he flew up into the air and stomped down on the ground, leaving a permanent black mark behind. In the entryway, you can still see what many believe to be the devil’s footprint. There are many other versions of this myth, which you can discover during your included tour of the magnificent Frauenkirche.

“Noch Ein Bier Bitte!”

A handy phrase to learn for: “Another beer please!” Best known for its 210-year-old Oktoberfest, Munich is undeniably the beer capital of the world. The celebration attracts massive numbers of visitors each year and is considered the world’s largest folk festival. In 2019, more than six million people attended Oktoberfest; over the course of the 17 days, over seven million liters of beers were sold.

Travel Tip: If you happen to miss Oktoberfest season in Munich, never fear: while sailing on many of AmaWaterways’ Danube River cruises, you can partake in their exclusive Oktoberfest in Vilshofen, Germany, an intimate recreation of the festival that occurs year-round just for AmaWaterways guests!

Delicious Delights

One of the best ways to explore a city is through your taste buds – and the Bavarian capital of Munich is the perfect place to find delicious regional dishes. Weisswurst (white veal sausage) and schnitzel (breaded and fried meat cutlets) are familiar names around the world, and definitely worth a try in their hometown. After a morning in the city on your Munich walking tour, enjoy some local gemütlichkeit, or hospitality, at one of Munich’s many beer halls. Taste a famous German pretzel, or bretzel – a perfect pairing for a refreshing pint of beer. Prost!


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