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Maybe you ride regularly at home or maybe you don’t. As long as you are reasonably fit and know how to ride a bike, you will find that you most definitely can enjoy a bike ride excursion while on a river cruise.

During a week-long river cruise in Europe, you will generally have an option of 3-4 bike tours to choose from. Your onboard cruise director will help you find the one that best suits your fitness level. Most folks find that the pace and the stops along the way make for a pleasant ride and just the right amount of exercise. Note that excursions are included in the cost of a river cruise, so you won't be paying extra to enjoy the bikes.

Some rides will take you through small villages and towns, or along the rivers’ edge. Others will take place in larger cities and towns. Most are relatively flat and take a few hours.

When choosing a bike excursion, know that it will replace one of the other excursions/activities being offered, and there will be times that bike tours are canceled due to inclement weather.

If you choose to ride on your own, you can do that too. Be sure to let the staff know your plans (they can also give you great suggestions) and be sure to keep track of the time so you make it back to your cruise on time.

TIP: If you’re a serious cyclist, you may be interested in a bike-intensive river cruise, I can find you one of those as well.

I’ve highlighted just a few of my favorites below that you don’t want to miss!

1 - Bike along the beautiful Danube River between Dürnstein and Melk in Austria’s Wachau Valley. This scenic ride is along the Danube and through vineyards and is mostly flat.

2 - Also on the Danube, take a guided bike ride in Vienna, where you’ll visit Klosterneuberg Abbey and enjoy cake and coffee. Although Vienna is a big city, it is quite bikeable as its historic center is easy to navigate.

3 - While in Vienne, France on a Rhone River (Provence) cruise, you can enjoy a guided bike tour along a portion of the ViaRhôna bike route that follows the river and past little villages and Vineyards.

4 - In Vernon, France, on a Seine River cruise, although it’s typically offered opposite a visit to Monet’s Giverny estate, this bike ride through rural France is stunning.

5 - On a Rhine River cruise near Rudesheim, a guided bike tour of the Rheingau take you up some inclines into terraced vineyards and wineries as well as along the river’s edge.

6 - While in the town of Blaye on a Bordeaux River cruise, you can cycle through the idyllic French countryside to the ancient village of Bourg where you’ll have time for a walking tour.

These are just a few of the many options available for biking excursions. Message me to learn more about arranging your all-inclusive river cruise!


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