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Updated: Oct 30, 2021

I have been a travel agent (now called Travel Advisor) since 1986. To be honest, I didn’t even know what a travel agent’s role fully entailed when I decided to enroll in travel agent training and start my career.

But I quickly learned that a good travel agent had tremendous value and that didn’t change through the years, even after the internet and all its online options for booking, review sites, and group chats, and DIY bookings.

Sure, it’s relatively fast and easy to book a flight or trip for yourself online these days and tons of information out there, but how do you get help when you really need it?

What if you made a mistake when you booked?

What if you need to make changes?

What if you have to cancel and you didn’t know travel insurance was a thing or you didn’t buy enough coverage?

A travel agent is your advocate to get through the hiccups that inevitably crop up when you plan, book, and travel on your own. And it’s never been more important to have an advisor in your corner than now.

When the pandemic hit, there were two types of travelers:

▶ Those who booked online and had nobody to help them cancel, change or get refunds. They were overwhelmed and worried about their investments of money and time, not to mention their safety and wellbeing for those trying to get home.

▶ And those who booked with a professional Travel Advisor (like me) who did all of that for them AND helped get them home if they were abroad. We canceled, we rescheduled (sometimes more than once), we helped answer questions and concerns, and we constantly monitored the changing landscape of protocols for travel.

As you know, travel slowed down or stopped for most people during the pandemic. And now after a year and a half, you may be ready to start planning to travel, particularly for 2022 and 2023.

Travel planning is NOT the same as it used to be and using a professional like me can really help you to avoid having issues at the airport, border, hotel, or cruise terminal.

Here's how we'll work together:

➥We’ll have a quick, complimentary introductory video chat or call to get to know each other and discuss the basics of what you’re looking for and what I can offer. If we decide that we’d like to move forward working together, I’ll review my policies and fee structure, and gather information from you.

➥ We'll have a full consultation video call or in-person meeting to delve into the details of your travel. I'll ask you a lot of questions so that I can get to know your personal travel style, what’s important to you, what you have loved (or not) about past travel, your hobbies and interests, and more.

➥ Then the ball's in my court: I will research, plan, sift through reviews, consult with my travel industry partners, my advisor expert networks, and work to find you the best options for your travel. I'll present you with a full proposal which may include cruise details, flights, accommodations, transfers, day tours, activities, restaurants, insurance, and anything else you need, including flexible travel policies, or special accommodations. You’ll have the benefits of my consortia membership for additional perks such as upgrades, extra amenities, blocked space, and competitive pricing, plus my network of suppliers that are widely trusted and thoroughly vetted. Oh, and of course I'll also help you navigate the Covid19 protocols for your trip.

➥ Once you have a proposal from me, and you like what you see, I will finalize your reservations and plans. You can kiss the thousand browser tabs and stress goodbye, and just look forward to your trip!

Most importantly. I’ll be here before, during, and after your trip in case you need anything.

Reach out today so we can get started on your next vacation. I can’t wait to help you get back “out there” when you’re ready.

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